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Parish Council - Who's Who and Meetings

The Parish Councils have many powers and some duties. An example of a power is the one that allows the purchase and operation of street lighting. One duty requires the council to open the meetings to the press and public, with few exceptions. They manage local amenities in Buildwas and have a watching brief on local issues and their opinion is noted by those higher authorities in matters concerning them such as local planning issues.

Shropshire council for more infomation


There are seven seats on Buildwas Parish Council.  The councillors are:

Lorraine Pratt Chair

Simon Heath Vice chair

Jill Grainger

Vernon Morgan

John Heath

Rob Wilcox

Stuart Ratcliffe

You can view the councillors' declaration of interests on the Shropshire Council website -


The clerk to the council is Sarah Morris. Sarah is also the Clerk for Wroxeter and Uppington.

Contact the parish council by email at


The Parish Council meets bi-monthly at Buildwas Village Hall, usually at 7.30pm, Notification of meetings are placed on the villagehall notice board 14 days before the meeting.

Further information regarding the Parish Council can be found on the Parish Council website. (see above)


The minutes for parish council meetings can be viewed on the Parish Council website

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