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We have regular events at the hall, including Whist (Wednesday afternoons 2-5pm); Community Meals; an annual panto (early February); and Buildwas Primary Academy use the hall for events / PE lessons / presentations etc. 

For details of upcoming events and how to book the hall, please visit our website at: 



Management of the hall

The village hall is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission and has a committee with 13 Trustees who have the interests of the village at its heart! 
They are responsible for the management of the village hall and meet several times a year. 

More people are always welcome with fresh ideas and enthusiasm

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Buildwas Village Hall - Ownership and management arrangements


Buildwas Village Hall owes its existence to generous donations and use of a memorial fund collected following both world wars.

The site was sold by the council to the five named Trustees on 16th August 1954 for £192.  The conveyance document sets out the management arrangements.  It is clear that Buildwas Village Hall was constituted as a charity from its outset.  Its aims were to provide

for the purposes of physical and mental training and recreational and social, moral and intellectual development through the medium of reading and recreation rooms, library, lectures, classes, recreations and entertainments or otherwise as might be found expedient…without distinction of sex, political, religious or other opinions”

The initial committee was named as:

John Mills, Parochial Church Council; Charles Brown, British legion; Mrs M Newill, Mother’s Union; Mrs E Wilcox, School Managers and included others co-opted from time-to-time by the Committee up to a maximum of 13.

The first Committee meeting took place in October 1954 and was expected to take place annually in that month, although the Conveyance allows for the Committee to make alternative arrangements as appropriate.

On 15th October 1954, the land was vested in The Official Trustee of Charity Lands by order of the Charity Commission.  The term ‘Official Trustee’ was changed to the ‘Official Custodian’ in 1961.


In 1989 we raised money and applied for grants that were used to repair, replace windows, insulate and re-clad from the original asbestos.  The work was carried out in 1990 and cost approximately £7,000.

In applying for the grant, I was asked to name the Trustees.  On enquiring, it transpired that all of the original Trustees were deceased.  We therefore arranged for the Parish Council to act as Trustees.  It turns out that this was unnecessary and ill-informed.

As I understand it now, there are 2 types of Trustees: Custodian Trustees and Charity Trustees.  The original trustees were Custodian Trustees, in relation to the land, and once the land had been vested in The Official trustee, their role was dissolved.

The Charity Trustees are the Management Committee and our role is to ensure that the charity is managed efficiently and meets its stated aims (as above).

When charity land is vested in The Official Custodian, the Deeds are usually kept by the Management Committee which retains all duties and responsibilities for maintenance, etc.  If the need to sell the land arises, The Official Custodian must be made a party to any conveyance, transfer, lease or other deed which concerns the disposal of it.  The advantages of using the Official Custodian are:

•the charity is saved the expense of making the new deeds required when its holding trustees change

•there is no risk that the charity land will remain vested in people who are no longer involved with the charity and who may be difficult to trace.

Peter Little, 26th April 2018


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